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2024 - Position 33

Updated: Feb 22



Unlimited Games. How should Red play 53?

Red needs to challenge in the outer board so that White checker on Red’s 12-pt doesn’t have a free passage home. A move like 8/5, 7/2 doesn’t meet the demands of the position although it is close, and that move is not an error.


21/16, 8/5 would be many people’s choice but that is a marginally weaker move than 8/5, 7/2. The best move is 21/18, 21/16 which probably only XG will find!


White may be forced to hit and give Red a shot at the blot on the 2-pt. It pays off particularly well on White‘s 21, 22, 42 and 66.


Did you consider 21/18, 21/16?


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