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Learning the rules of backgammon is relatively straightforward and you can play your first game very soon after learning the basics. The question is then how do you improve and become more than just a beginner?

Obviously you need to get some playing experience under your belt but, as with most games, that can only take you so far.  At some point you need both to read books and receive expert instruction. Chris’s books are featured here and anyone keen to progress quickly should own a copy of ‘Backgammon to Win’.

Once that has been read the next step is tuition, either as an individual or in a group.  Chris provides various types and levels of backgammon tuition. These are as follows:

Individual Tuition

Chris gives individual lessons with fees based on an hourly rate. At the moment these are provided on a face-to-face basis at a mutually agreed location. In future these may be provided via the internet.
The topics can be chosen by the student but sample topics are:

    Openings
    Middle Games (Blitz, Prime vs. Prime, Holding Games, Back Games etc)
    Endings (simple and complex)
    Doubling (simple and complex)
    Chouette Play
    On-Line & Computer Play

Contact Chris about tuition

Group Tuition

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A good way of improving your backgammon is in a group lesson as the more diverse the discussion the greater the learning. Groups can be from two to eight. Prices will vary according to the number in the group. The topics are the same as for individual tuition and again are at the discretion of the students.


Contact Chris about tuition


Corporate Backgammon Events

There are many ways of running team-building events but very few have are as much fun as an evening’s backgammon!

Chris will structure an event for your company that will be both fun and educational. The normal format is


    A brief chat about the history of the game

    How to play (pitched at the level of the attendees)

    A competition between the attendees – the format will vary according to numbers

    Prize giving


Each session is geared to the specific client so exact details of the event, including cost and logistics, are agreed through discussion with Chris


.Contact Chris about corporate backgammon events

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