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Over the years I have written a lot of backgammon material. Most of my writings have been made available through my books but there have been articles that have never been formally published.

This new section of the website has two purposes:

a) To make available hitherto unpublished articles that I think will benefit the backgammon community
b) To make available files of rollout data for new books. For example all the rollout data for my most recent book "The Wind of Change” are published here. In that way those who want to can study them while those don’t enjoy such detail won’t have thirty pages of material they don’t want and will never read. This approach also keeps down the cost of the book.

I hope you find this new section useful. Please feel free to contact me with feedback.



'Backgammon - The Final Wind' Rollouts 2018 & USBGF

2018 World Championship Final

'Backgammon - The Final Wind' Rollouts 2017

'Backgammon in the Wind' Rollouts 2016


'Backgammon in the Wind' Rollouts 2015

'Backgammon in the Wind' Rollouts 2014

'Backgammon in the Wind' Rollouts 2013

This long article is based on a presentation I gave in December 2015 looking at the evolution of backgammon theory. It contains some very difficult positions.


This file contains all the changed pages in the 2015 edition of 'What Colour is the Wind?'

The monograph summarises the history of how we evaluate backgammon races and crucially how we make doubling decisions using (sometimes complex) formulae. It also includes my recommended reading list for aspiring backgammon players. First written in 2005 it has just been updated to include the formulae developed by Axel Reichert in his White Paper: 'Improved Cube Handling in Races: Insights with Isight'.


This is the World Giants Quiz from 2011. Test your backgammon skills against the best. The solutions will be published w/c 19th August.

World Giants Quiz Solutions


'The Wind of Change' Rollouts 2012

'The Wind of Change' Rollouts 2011

'The Wind of Change' Rollouts 2010


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