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2021 - Position 114

Updated: Jul 6, 2021


Match Play. 0-0 to 5. Should Red double? If doubled, should White take?

A slightly trick question.

If Red doubles White should drop in a flash. Even if he hits a shot he has very little chance of containing the hit checker.

However, Red should not double because he is too good to double and should play on for a gammon.

Doubling is very nearly a blunder. Of course, if you think White might mistakenly take then by all means, go ahead and double.

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3 Kommentare

05. Juli 2021

Do you invite comments on these please, Chris? I am new here and don’t want to do the wrong thing. Thanks,


Gefällt mir
05. Juli 2021
Antwort an

Thanks Chris.

No, I wouldn’t double yet. Only 4 rolls cover both blots (53 and 62); 44 clears both but leaves 3 on the wrong side of the double gap; everything else leaves a double shot when white enters. Getting hit *may* not be disastrous but it leaves one checker on the wrong side of 5 others. I’d definitely be watching and waiting for a double but I‘d rather have more solid market losers before committing.


Gefällt mir
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