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2021 - Position 10

Updated: Jan 18, 2021


Money Play. How should Red play 32?

The choice is here is between the aggressive 13/10, 3/1* and the safe 10/, 6/3. 10/7, 9/7 leaves too many shots and is too passive.

Because of White’s home board, at the first sight the safe play looks correct but it leaves Red with a very weak structure which will be difficult to bring home without leaving later shots.

13/10, 3/1* makes use of the dilly builder on Red’s 3-pt and also increases the Red’s gammon chances.

In fact, 13/10, 3/1* wins both more games and more gammons. 10/8, 6/3 is not an error but the hit is better.

An instructive problem. To a certain extent it is a pay-me-now vs pay-me-later problem which might not be obvious initially.

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