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2020 - Position 212

Updated: Nov 26, 2020


Money Play. How should Red play 44?

This is one of those positions where XG changes its mind the deeper it looks.

Over the board I played 14/6, 13/5 which turns out to be the second-best play (just). On a 1-ply evaluation XG likes 14/2, 6/2 making another home board point even if somewhat impurely.

On rollout that becomes the third best play, and the winner is 14/10, 8/4(3). Is the price of seven shots worth the gain from making the 4-pt? Apparently, but it is very close and who knows, maybe XG3 might have a different opinion. However, we are still some months away from being able to ask it!

14/10, 8/4(3) wins 2% extra gammons and therein lies the difference.

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