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Backgammon - The Final Wind - 2nd Edition

As of this morning I have released a second edition of the final book in my "Wind" series, "Backgammon - The Final Wind". This edition corrects two big errors and multiple tiny errors in the original edition. I have also added twelve new articles from my writing for the USBGF.

As this is the third anniversary of the passing of Paul Magriel, the father of modern backgammon, it seemed an appropriate date to release the new edition. The book contains a lengthy tribute to Paul.

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Matthew Ryder
Matthew Ryder
Mar 06, 2021

I'm a huge fan of your books, and I have bought as many of them as I can. But the last three are sadly missing from my collection, as it's almost impossible to import them to South Africa with the incompetence and corruption rife in our postal service. Even Carol Joy Cole is no longer prepared to ship to SA, given the risk of package loss. The freight companies add a ludicrous premium (+$400 for a modest pile of books). Is there any chance you might consider a digital edition of these books? I have (re)bought all your other books in digital editions from the Apple Book store. I don't know what the time/expense is in adding the latest ones,…

Matthew Ryder
Matthew Ryder
Mar 07, 2021
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