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2024 - Position 60

Updated: Apr 10



Match Play. 6-6 to 9. Should Red double? If doubled, should White take?

This is one of those doubles that looks stronger than it is. The position is very volatile, so the double is very clear. Red is not strong enough to play on for a gammon.

However, White has many ways to win, and his five-point prime is very relevant to the decision here. Red may never escape his last rear checker. Not doubling is a double blunder but passing as White is very nearly a quadruple blunder. White wins more than 38% of the time.

Of course, if things go well for Red he may well win a gammon and the match but that doesn’t mean White should drop – far from it.



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2 comentarios

09 abr

Er, Chris, how do you mean, Redouble?

The cube as diagrammed is centred...

Me gusta
Chris Bray
Chris Bray
10 abr
Contestando a

Thank you - error corrected.

Me gusta
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