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2024 - Position 45

Updated: Mar 13



Match Play. 0-0 to 7. How should Red play 43?

I think a lot of people would simply move 24/10, 13/10 but that is the wrong idea as it strips the mid-point and gives White a blitz attack game plan.


Red needs good outer board coverage in case the last White checker runs out but Red also wants a high anchor. White has eleven checkers in the attack zone but Red has the better home board which will offer some protection.


This leads us to 24/21, 24/20 as the best play. There is still a blitz threat from White but if one advanced checker is pointed on there will be a chance to make an anchor on the other advanced checker.


I’ll wager that not many readers people would have considered 13/10, 8/4 which adopts a priming game plan. This is the second best play and only just an error.


8/1* is the wrong game plan. There are much higher priorities.


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