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2024 - Position 35

Updated: Feb 26



(a) Unlimited Games. How should Red play 65?


(b) Unlimited Games. If the cube was in the centre would this change your answer?

 With the cube turned 13/8, 13/7 and 20/9* have identical equities. 20/9* both wins and loses many more gammons while 13/8, 13/7 wins more games. This is difficult to judge over the board as the two moves lead to such very different game types. I would hit because that is my style but whatever choice you make you will be correct.


With the cube in the middle and assuming the Jacoby Rule is in force 20/9* is very clear because if White hits back you will be dropping the cube in most scenarios. Now 13/8, 13/7 is an error.


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