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2024 - Position 24

Updated: Feb 9



Match Play. 2-2 to 9. How should Red play 55?

It might seem obvious to play 22/17*, 11/1, 6/1 but that play turns out to be very nearly a blunder!


Best is 22/17(2)*, 11/1. This is for two reasons:


a)     It avoids any disasters when White enters from the bar and hits one of Red’s blots.

b)    More importantly by slotting the ace-point it gives White the opportunity to enter with an ace and then crash his board while trying to escape from the ace-point (which takes on average 5.9 rolls).


22/17(2)*, 11/1 wins 4% more games than making the ace-point.


This solution is an interesting tactical trick which can used time and again.

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