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2023 - Position 64

Updated: Apr 12, 2023


Match Play. DMP. How should Blue play 61?

About five years before he died, I tried to collaborate with Paul Magriel on new a book discussing some modern themes he had documented. Sadly, the book came to nothing, but I still have some of his ideas.

One of things he really hated was duplication for duplication’s sake. In this position that is exactly what the move 21/15, 5/4 represents. It is far too risky. The choice is between 8/1* and 8/7, 8/2. Because the latter maintains a broken five-point prime it is slightly the better play. The position is balanced on a knife-edge so no need to give White the initiative.

8/1*, trying to create time for Blue to escape from White’s board is also OK. With an active cube 8/1* would be best because it wins many more gammons.

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