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2023 - Position 46

Updated: Mar 14, 2023


Match Play. Red leads 9-8 to 11. Should Red double? If doubled, should White take?

This position comes from my recent UKBGF online match against Raj Jansari. One thing I have learnt recently is not to be afraid to double at 2-away vs 3-away. At that score you are only a 59/60% favourite.

There are two questions here. Should I play for an undoubled gammon and if I double should Raj take?

For money this is a clear pass because of the gammons but in fact Red only wins a gammon 11% of the time and there is much work to be done. Playing on for the gammon is clearly wrong.

White needs 25% to take this double. He has an automatic redouble on his next roll.

Raj judged he had the necessary 25% but his timing is suspect, and the rollout shows he has only 23% winning chances. He took and redoubled but I won without too much excitement. Taking is a triple blunder.

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