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2023 -Position 18

Updated: Jan 30, 2023


Match Play. 2-2 to 11. Should Red redouble? If redoubled, should White take?

Despite being down in the race Red clearly has the better position and he my shortly have a five-point prime. However, there are other factors.

Red has two rear checkers to White’s one. White has two dilly builders on his 3-pt. White has two very attackable blots. It is difficult to weigh all these factors correctly, particularly over the board. The net result is that Red has very small redouble and White a very easy take. Half of Red’s wins are gammons but White wins 38% of the time.

Ultimately, I would apply Woolsey’s Law to this position and redouble, knowing my decision can’t be far off being correct even if, in fact, the double is incorrect.

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