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2023 - Position 169

Updated: Oct 18, 2023


Match Play. Double Match Point. How should Red play 44?

This is not an easy problem. Over the board Red played the seemingly obvious 13/5(2).

Sadly, that move is virtually a blunder because it cuts Red’s army in two. I rarely give up my midpoint when I have multiple rear checkers and that is the case here.

The race is equal so Red has no chance of playing a back game. He must do something with the rear checkers and yet keep a communication bridge open to his forward checkers. 22/18(2), 13/9(2) is still a blunder. The best move is the simple 22/14(2). At the cost of a shot Red keeps all his checkers working and in communication.

22/18(2), 8/4(2), perhaps surprisingly, gets second place by a narrow margin.

Once you understand the principle of communication the problem becomes easier.

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