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2023 - Position 148

Updated: Sep 11, 2023


Match Play. Blue trails 6-8 to 11. How should Blue play 64?

This a gammon-go situation, so some risk is justified. However, Blue has only 10 checkers (just in the attack zone so a full blitz will be difficult. 11/7*, 8/2* is overplaying the position. Blue should take the solid asset of the 2-pt with 8/2*, 6/2 and await developments. He has a variety of game plans available to him, depending upon White’s next roll.

13/7*, 11/7 is the third-best play but a home board point will be worth more than the bar-point in a gammon-go situation.

Any play other than 8/2*, 6/2 is an error or worse.

As noted above Blue should play calmly and await developments.

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