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2023 - Position 103

Updated: Jun 22, 2023


Match Play. Blue trails 1-5 to 11. How should Blue play 53?

This is the follow-up to Position 102. I had doubled and my opponent had taken. I then got this 53 completely wrong, playing 24/21, 13/8. Just look at how 44 will play next time!

Blue has a lot of work to do and should take the opportunity to retake control of the outer boards with 21/13. He won’t have time to keep the 24- and 21-pts and White has no real threats.

This was a case of playing the obvious move quickly and making a double blunder. Even 24/16 is a blunder. With all those rear checkers Blue needs a communication link and 21/13 is the right play to provide that.

Note to self - play more slowly in complex positions!

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