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2022 - Position 151

Updated: Sep 15, 2022


Unlimited Games. How should Red play 33?

This is not obvious. Many would try bar/22, 13/7*, 6/3*.

However, that exposes four blots when your opponent has a three-point home board to your one and any hit could be fatal. Over the board, bar/22, 14/11, 6/3(2)* was played but that still leaves ones three and fours for White to hit.

Now look at the unusual, bar/22, 13/10(2), 6/3*. This play duplicates threes and makes the very useful 10-pt which could be part of a strong prime, especially as White has four rear checkers.

I didn’t even see this play the first time I looked at this position but in fact any play other than bar/22, 13/10(2), 6/3* is a bad blunder. An excellent quiz question, I hope you would agree.

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