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2022 -Position 140

Updated: Aug 23, 2022


Match Play. Red leads 4-1 to 7. How should Red play 66?

A difficult containment position. Red wants to make his 8-pt and 7-pt to complete his prime. Over the board 18/12, 18/6, 16/10 was played but this wrong on a couple of counts. It leaves the four rear checkers stranded and the checker on the 6-pt has gone too deep too early.

The standout play is 22/10, 22/16, 18/12 which does something to move the rear checkers while covering the outer boards quite well. It duplicates White’s ones and if Red is hit on White’s bar point there will be multiple return shots.

The simple 22/16(2), 18/12(2) is also very good. Those rear checkers must move!

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