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2022 - Position 117

Updated: Jul 19, 2022


Unlimited Games. How should Red play 22?

Small doubles are never easy to play, and this position is no exception.

I got this wrong by moving bar/23, 10/4 but every play except the right one is a blunder.

The correct play is bar/23, 13/11(3) which not many will find. Certainly, most of my students didn’t.

The idea is to keep all the checkers doing something useful while at the same time not taking too many risks because Red has no anchor. White has nine checkers in the attack zone so something like bar/23, 24/22, 10/8, 6/4 is completely the wrong idea. You should not fight a war on two fronts so bar/23, 13/11(3) is a perfectly balanced play, meeting the demands of the position.

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ben elliott
ben elliott
18 Tem 2022

Bar/23; 13/7

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