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2022 - Position 115

Updated: Jul 14, 2022


Match Play. Red leads 10-0 (Crawford) to 11. How should Red play 22?

When I set this problem there was quite a difference in the top two plays on initial evaluation but on rollout three plays tie for first place. So long as you play 20/18(2) with two of the twos then you are OK.

The other two can be played 3/1(2)*, 10/8, 6/4 or 10/6 and there is no difference between those moves. So, this problem turned out to be rather easier than I had planned.

Of course, in a money game with White owning a 2-cube then you must have 3/1(2)* as part of your move to maximise your gammon threat.

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1 commentaire

ben elliott
ben elliott
13 juil. 2022

20/18(2);3/1*(2) looks right to me.

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