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2022 - Position 11

Updated: Jan 20, 2022


Match Play. 0-0 to 7. Should Red double? If doubled, should White take?

Perhaps surprisingly this is no double and take. Red’s last checker is trapped behind a four-point prime, and White may be able to extend that prime.

Meanwhile White’s defensive structure is sound and the 2-pt anchor provides long-term equity.

The dilly builder on Red’s 3-pt is also a key factor. If you move that checker to Red’s 6-pt then the position becomes strong double/ close take. Those 3 pips, activating the checker, make a huge difference.

As it is, Red needs to improve his position before doubling. Having said all that if one in eight people would drop this double then the correct action is to double. So now you must evaluate your opponent. Tricky game, backgammon!

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