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2022 - Position 102

Updated: Jun 3, 2022


Unlimited Games. Should Red double? If doubled, should White take?

At first sight this looks like a drop but in fact White has a very easy take. He has a number of possible game plans including a back game. He can also win by going forwards. Red’s extra checkers on his 8-pt and 7-pt are not well placed and are not working for a living, while White’s checkers are all doing good work.

Not doubling is nearly a blunder but dropping is a double blunder.

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1 Comment

Andrew Thomas
Jun 02, 2022

As for yesterday's problem, looks like my theory was right, but my working was shocking! I lost over 1% by rounding down red's wins after a white 1, underestimated the 1-away 6-away equity significantly, and absentmindedly used equity for 3-5 instead of 3-4 too. Still the right conclusion, but it looked much more clearcut than it should have done.

In my defence I was trying to do it as if I was over a board. The precise calculation must be next to impossible in a live match with time pressure, but I suppose that's what sorts out the top players.

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