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2021 - Position 214

Updated: Dec 17, 2021


Unlimited Games. How should Red play 53?

13/5 slots the better point and there will be more covers for it than for a slot on the 3-pt after 11/3. 13/5 leaves one more shot than 11/3.

There is also the question of return shots for Red after a White. Unfortunately, that is difficult to calculate quickly because of the number of variations.

I think the first factor is significant, but I hadn’t expected the rollout to show that 11/3 is a blunder which is actually the case.

I am still working through the return hit possibilities for Red after the two possible moves, but a 1296 game rollout shows 11/3 as a blunder and I have no reason to doubt XG so for the moment, at least, that result stands.

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