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2021 - Position 203

Updated: Dec 2, 2021


Match Play. Red trails 2-4 to 5 (post-Crawford). How should Red play 44?

The first obvious play to look at is 22/14(2) but the race is relatively close and an ace from White could even things up.

Red needs to take advantage of the two blots in White’s home board. The point he really wants to make is his 9-pt and so he should slot it with 13/9. After that either 22/10 or 22/18(2), 11/7 are both OK.

These two plays win slightly fewer games than 22/14(2) but they more than make up for that with many more gammon wins. 22/18, 22/14, 13/9 is also OK. The key is that you must slot the 9-pt in this position.

Remember to look at all four quadrants when deciding upon your game plan and then your candidate moves.

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