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2021 - Position 200

Updated: Nov 29, 2021


Unlimited Games. How should Red play 32?

With a deficit of 17 pips after the roll advancing the rear checkers would seem to be the wrong game plan. That 23-pt anchor will generate a lot of shots later on.

When I first looked at this problem it was from a match at 0-0 to 5. In that scenario Red should definitely play 6/3, 5/3, because 23/21, 10/7 loses too many gammons.

In a money game the Jacoby Rule protects against a lot of gammon losses because the cube has to have been turned for a gammon to count. That makes all the difference to evaluating this position. Now 6/3, 5/3 is still the best play but 23/21, 10/7, which seeks to make a more advanced anchor, has virtually the same equity so you can choose either play.

This is a useful problem because it highlights one of the key differences between match play and money play that you need to bear in mind when thinking about your moves. The Jacoby Rule can be a powerful influence on decision making.

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