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2021 - Position 20

Updated: Feb 2, 2021


Money Play. How should Red play 33?

Something has to give here.

Red must hold White’s bar-point to provide an escape avenue for the rearmost checker.

Playing 8/5(2), 6/3(2) or 8/2(2) destroys Red’s connectivity and it will be very difficult to bring those outfield checkers home safely.

That leaves us with 13/10(3), 6/3 which is the only move that is not a blunder.

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1 Comment

Feb 02, 2021

8/5 (2), 6/3 (2) for me, here.

Nothing is ideal, all moves compromise each other in different ways.

The two not-quite-useless builders on the 3 point compensate for loss of connectivity and holding point sacrifice.

White is overstretched, and blots may be shaking themselves loose immediately.

Yep, that's the fellow for me :)

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