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2021 - Position 196

Updated: Nov 23, 2021


Unlimited Games. How should Red play 54?

A classic back game position. Red must use the five to leap White’s prime (four is more than you think). The question is how to play the four?

Backgammon is a representation of war and in war all the soldiers need to contribute to the battle. The spare Red checker on the 6-pt is idle and needs to be put to work by playing 6/2*. The idea behind the play is to be hit and thus slow down Red because, at the moment, White has good timing.

22/13 is OK, not quite an error. 22/17, 13/9 is an overplay, giving White the chance to win by going forward.

The recirculation play 22/17, 6/2* is now standard technique against back games. Once learnt, hopefully never forgotten.

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