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20202 - Position 44

Updated: Mar 12, 2020


Money Play. How should Red play 52?

This is not easy. Over the board 13/11, 13/8 was played but that is a double blunder. In fact, any move other than the right one is at least a blunder.

You have to view this as a prime vs prime position. Red’s checkers are all well-placed except the two on White’s ace-point. Time to leap the prime with 24/19 and then the 2 is clear, 8/6. This puts the pressure on White to perform and leads to more strong doubles from Red than any other play.

Virtually nobody gets this one correct as they fear the scenario where Red gets pointed on and then the second checker gets picked up. In the clear light of the day 24/19, 8/6 is perhsps not too difficult to find but, over the board, it is extremely difficult.

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