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2020 - Position 33

Updated: Feb 24, 2020


Money Play. How should play 66?

This position occurred in a chouette at the Cyprus tournament last year. I was the captain.

We had a long debate between 23/17(2), 23/11 and 23/17(2), 9/3(2)*. In the ned we couldn’t agree so as captain I made my move, 23/17(2), 23/11. When the box didn’t roll a four, we redoubled him out next turn.

Was I correct? Not quite. The better move is 23/17(2), 9/3(2)*. The point is that if we make that move and White fans we can play on for a gammon! That thought didn’t even enter our five-minute discussion. We were so focussed on winning the game after our joker roll, we didn’t even consider gammons. Did you?

Tricky game, backgammon!

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