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2020 - Position 230

Updated: Dec 22, 2020


Match Play. 1-1 to 5. How should Red play 61?

Not an easy problem as I demonstrated over the board by playing 24/23, 13/7.

That play is too pessimistic and allows White to take the initiative. 13/6 is also too passive. The bottom line is that Red must hit with the ace. This develops the unwieldy stack of checkers on the 6-pt and, importantly, takes a tempo from White. By keeping his checkers split in White’s home board Red increases his chances of making a useful anchor if the blot on the 5-pt is hit.

The other point about 13/7, 6/5* is most of White’s sixes, except 56, play poorly. Note that the double tiger play 8/2*, 6/5* is a massive overplay. With White having a three-point home board three extra blots is just too aggressive. 24/18, 6/5* is also wrong because it gives White good sixes.

All plays except 13/7, 6/5* are blunders and some of them are whoppers, including my 24/23, 13/7.

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