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2020 - Position 190

Updated: Oct 26, 2020


Money play. How should Red play 43?

This is simply question of knowing the correct technique for bearing off. Once Red has cleared his 6-pt he reduces his chances of being hit by about 30%. Here the gammon is virtually guaranteed if Red can bear 0ff safely.

Therefore, Red should bring in his last outer board checker and move the spare checker of his 6-pt, hoping to clear it next roll. He has the choice of 8/5, 6/2 or 8/4, 6/3.

Now the interesting point. The rollout gives 8/4, 6/3 as better than 8/5, 6/2, despite that play leaving Red odd on the two highest points. I think the difference is because Red’s 44 plays much better after 8/4, 6/3. XG actually rates 8/5, 6/2 as an error. From now on I will be carefully checking to see how 44 plays when I am bearing in checkers!

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