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2020 - Position 184

Updated: Oct 19, 2020


Money play. How should Red play 21?

Taking an anchor on either the 24-pt or the 23-pt doesn’t exert enough pressure on White’s position.

Bar/23, 6/5 is a reasonable try which exerts pressure without being too risky (Note that bar/23, 5/4 is the wrong idea because it fights a war on two fronts). However, Red needs to put as much pressure as he can on White’s blots before White’s position improves. The correct play is the seemingly bold bar/22. If that blot is pointed on Red may well have a lot of return shots against White’s blots on the 9-pt or bar-pt. Red is not favourite here (he wins about 35% of the time) so he should take action now to try to improve his position.

Anything other than bar/22 is a blunder.

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