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2020 - Position 160

Updated: Sep 4, 2020


Money Play. How should Red play 62?

If Red held the cube he could play more cautiously because he could use the cube to win the game later.

As it is, he must win the game with the checkers and so he needs to make his 5-pt as soon as possible. Therefore, he must play 9/3, 7/5.

However, as White has a three-point board Red could easily lose a gammon if things go wrong. On a detailed rollout 19/17, 9/3 has virtually the same equity as 9/3, 7/5. If White had a two-point home board 9/3, 7/5 would be clear and with a four-point board 19/17, 9/3 would be equally clear. The three-point board scenario is the middle ground.

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