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2012 - Position 108

Updated: Jun 28, 2021


Match Play. Red leads 8-7 to 13. How should Red play 61?

The key here is to activate the back checkers. 20/13 is safe but completely the wrong idea.

20/14, 6/5 is a better play but Red’s plan is to make White’s 5-pt and/or escape the checkers on the 24-pt. White has only seven checkers in the attack zone and that gives Red the licence to make a bold play.

The right idea is 24/23, 10/4, activating the rear checkers, keeping the rear checkers connected and starting a useful home board point. The move usefully duplicates twos.

The second-best play is 24/23, 20/14 which also usefully duplicates twos. The common element is 24/23 which takes advantage of White’s lack of firepower in the attack zone.

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