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2023 - Position 38

Updated: Feb 28, 2023


Match Play. Red leads 6-5 to 7 (Crawford). How should Red play 11?

Glass half full or half empty? Bar/24(2), 6/5(2) or bar/23(2)?

Over the board I chose bar/23(2) looking to save the gammon but the other way to save the gammon is to counter-prime White. This is virtually impossible to calculate over the board and you have to go with what you feel is the best move, based on your experience.

It turns out that making the 5-pt is the best play because it wins 5% more game and thus wins the match.

For once pessimism led me to the wrong decision. But it is close with bar/23(2) not quite an error.

If Red holds a 2-cube in a money game bar/23(2) becomes an error. Then you must definitely play to win.

Not an easy problem.

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