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2023 - Position 205

Updated: Dec 15, 2023



Match Play. Red leads 3-2 to 9. How should Red play 42?

13/9, 6/4 superficially looks good but the key here is White’s sixes.


By playing 13/7 Red severely constrains White’s sixes and they may well cause him problems as now most of them must be played from the mid-point.


As he trails in the race clearly Red must hold on to White’s 2-pt.


Once you see 13/7 it becomes obvious. The problem is that you can easily become distracted by other possible moves.


13/9, 6/4 is a bad error. Anything else other than 13/7 is an outright blunder. This ideas of constraining White’s sixes in an endgame is a common theme. Look out for it.

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