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2023 - Position 117

Updated: Jul 17, 2023


Match Play. Blue leads 4-2 to 9. How should Blue play 31?

Attention to detail is important. The ‘obvious’ play is 8/7, 4/1, slotting the ace-point looks good but that move only leaves two direct covers for the blot next turn. Numbers like 44 and 54 will not play well and therefore Blue’s gammon chances will be reduced.

The best play for both safety and to maximum gammon chances is 8/5, 6/5. Now every number plays well next turn.

Obviously nearly all plays win but 8/5, 6/5 is best.

Before the bots nobody could say for certain which play would be best in situations like this but now we know and so we can refine our approach accordingly.

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