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2022 - Position 124

Updated: Jul 28, 2022


Match Play. Red leads 8-6 to 11. How should Red play 44?

This is all about connectivity. Those checkers on the mid-point must move. They are on the most difficult point to clear and are held by White’s checkers on Red’s bar-point.

Red cannot blitz because White’s holds his ace-point. 9/5(2), 8/4(2)* is a double blunder and 8/4(2)*, 6/2(2) is nearly as bad. The checkers work best when they can talk to each other. The only two viable moves are 13/5(2) and 13/9(2), 6/2(2). Everything else is at least a blunder.

The rollout gives 13/5(2) as best. 13/9(2), 6/2(2) is a just a small mistake but not an error.

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1 Comment

ben elliott
ben elliott
Jul 27, 2022

9/5(2): 8/4(2)

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