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2021 - Position 4

Updated: Jan 8, 2021


Money Play. How should Red play 21?

It’s very easy to simply play bar/24, 13/11 here without thinking but Red needs a game plan. With White having his 5-pt made bar/24, 13/11 is just too loose and is actually a blunder.

Red’s plan should be to get his stacked checkers into play and start to build a home board/prime. To do that he doesn’t want the distraction of being blitzed in White’s home board.

Therefore, he should take the 23-pt anchor. This freezes White’s checkers on his 8-pt, gives Red the security of the anchor and allows him to concentrate on developing his forward position.

Bar/23, 6/5 is clearly the best play for Red’s game plan. The only other move that is not a blunder is bar/24, 23/21 but even that is a bad error as it tries for too much too soon.

This is a highly instructive position for understanding early game strategy.

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