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2021 - Position 116

Updated: Jul 12, 2021


Match Play. Red leads 10-4 to 13. How should Red play 33?

Not an easy problem. Over the board, bar/22, 11/8, 10/4* was played but turned out to be wrong.

The plan is to make the best use of the checkers by putting them where they want to be. That means, after the forced bar/22, making the 3-pt with two of the threes, 6/3(2). That leaves a choice for the last three of 13/10 or 11/8.

In the rollout these two plays dead heat so take your choice. I have a mild preference for 13/10 because the 10-pt is so useful.

I got this wrong over the board and I learnt something from the rollouts. Hitting is not always right and that is the case here, but I think it was hard to pass up 10/4* as my natural style is to hit. I didn’t even look at the two best plays – lesson learnt.

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