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2020 - Position 231

Updated: Dec 23, 2020


Match Play. Red trails 1-2 to 5. How should Red play 31?

When I set this problem, I hadn’t done a rollout and I thought that hitting with 21/18 *, 11/10 was probably, but not certainly, correct. That was the move played over the board.

It turns out that Falafel’s Law applies and that 8/5, 6/5 is correct.

The other three plays: 21/18*, 11/10; 24/23, 21/18* and 24/21, 11/10 are tied in second place.

I am sure Falafel would have played 8/5, 6/5 in a flash. He was one of the most naturally gifted backgammon players I have ever seen, and the backgammon world is the sadder for his passing this year.

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